Complaints & Disputes Resolution Procedures

Complaints and Disputes Resolution Procedures

Wallace McLean Limited is committed to providing quality services to all clients to achieve good customer outcomes with a high level of customer satisfaction.  We endeavor to treat clients fairly and to the best of our abilities, but we recognise occasionally things can go wrong.

This guide describes our process for dealing complaints, service issues and disputes.

If you have a complaint about the service we have provided, we want to hear about it so that we can investigate your concerns.  Similarly, if you have positive suggestions about how we can improve our service, please let us know.

If you have a complaint relating to the terms of your insurance coverage or claims under your policy, you may be referred to your insurer and their complaints process.

If your complaint or dispute is against an insurer and it is unresolved or you are not satisfied with their decision, you may be referred to the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman (ISO).

The ISO hears complaints from clients against Insurers (not Insurance Brokers).

How to lodge a complaint with Wallace McLean Limited

 Stage One

You can make a complaint to us by either calling us, completing and sending us our online form (attached) or by writing to us.

We will approach all complaints with an open mind, listen and treat all complaints with courtesy and respect.

Please try to provide as much information as possible about the reasons for your complaint and the solution you are proposing.  We want to resolve your complaint promptly and reach a satisfactory mutual solution with you.

Nearly all complaints, service issues and disputes are quickly resolved in this way however, if we are not able to resolve your complaint within 2 working days, we will:

  • formally acknowledge receipt of your complaint and provide an estimate of the timeframe for a fuller response.
  • provide you with an overview of our complaints process.
  • provide information about our free, independent, dispute resolution scheme, that may help to investigate or resolve your complaint (See further information below.)

 Stage Two

If we are not able to resolve your complaint it will be referred to our Complaints Manager (Nigel Wallace) for an internal review.

Alternatively, you can at any time contact our Complaints Manager, Nigel Wallace directly on 09 358-7235 or you can email details of your complaint to

The Complaints Manager will endeavor to resolve your disagreement with our service within 25 working days of your original complaint. If your complaint is complex and may take longer to resolve, we will advise you of this and will keep you informed of progress.

 Stage Three

If a complaint cannot be resolved by agreement and you are dissatisfied with our decision following the process above, you may then choose to seek independent advice from Financial Services Complaints Limited.

Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL)
FSCL is the independent dispute resolution service (they do not take sides) we belong to.  There is no cost for you to ask FSCL to independently review your complaint however you must contact them within 2 months from the date of our final decision.  If you do not contact FSCL within this time, they will be unable to assist you.

Contact details are as follows:

Financial Services Complaints Limited


Phone: 0800 347 257 – call free to customers

                Website: – for full details

Please note before FSCL can investigate your complaint, they do require you to have first provided us with the opportunity to address your complaint via Stage 1 and 2 above.

To download a copy of our Complaints & Disputes – Client Form – please click here .