Global Partners

Wallace McLean is the exclusive New Zealand & Fijian representative of UNIBA Partners, a Global Insurance Broker partnership network.

Operating around the world brings a mind field of challenges, from local regulatory compliance, Tax and Insurance requirements. Our partnership with UNIBA Partners means we are significantly equipped to assist with the growth and expansion of your operational global requirements. Wallace McLean’s global presence means your insurance placement will be managed seamlessly with the most expert advice and local knowledge along the way.

Our UNIBA Partners network extends over 130 countries worldwide, offering the highest quality servicing of clients domestic and foreign exposures. Our quality focus and advice based service has always meant that we strive to work at the highest professional standards.

For more information, please contact us:

Simon Keenan

International Desk Manager

Nigel Wallace


“UNIBA Partners empowers independent brokers to operate globally. Together, we are a dynamic global network striving for excellence. We emphasize integrity, trust and market leading expertise to provide outstanding risk management, insurance and employee benefits services to organisations across the world”

UNIBA Partners