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Wallace McLean Limited is a wholly owned New Zealand Company that was established in 2001 as an advice based Insurance practice.

Based in Auckland, we offer a wide range of Risk Management and Insurance Broking Services and solutions to all types of Industries focusing mainly on corporate business here in New Zealand and overseas. We employ a team of highly experienced corporate insurance brokers and professionals to deliver integrated insurance programmes and strategic approach to client’s requirements.

Collectively we offer decades of risk and insurance knowledge & experience in various industries including Property, Bodies Corporates, Farming & Orchardists, Cool Stores, Retirement Villages, Port Operators, Shipping & Freight Operations, Self-Storage, Film & Television, Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Architecture, Engineering & Professional Services.


Risk profiling, loss analysis insurance, Programme Design and structuring, corporate insurance and more


Insurance Premium Funding, Health and Safety Compliance, Legal Compliance and More. Contact us to find out more about our outsourced services

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